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Stretches and Exercises

Exercises and stretches are an essential adjunct to treatment. Many of my patients can’t find the time to get to the gym regularly and so I’m constantly developing exercises and stretches that can be performed regularly at home, in the office or even on the go. Unfortunately we don’t use our bodies adequately in modern life to keep them happy, but if you can squeeze in 15 minutes 3-5 times a week it’s a great start. I’ll tailor the exercises to your specific problem, weakness or body type. I use ‘Rabbit’ to show you what to do and in this section I’ve given you some examples of the routines I suggest for various improvements. Get in touch if you want to know more.



A selection of easy to do daily stretches featuring Rabbit.


Computer user’s info sheet


Core workout


Secrets to a healthy spine


Daily stretches for tight backs


Core exercises
– beginners


Core exercises
– advanced


Leg exercises for cyclists


Leg stretches for cyclists


Exercises for wearing heels


Kettlebell exercises


Upper body ‘straight back’ workout


Improved posture


Thorax / mid-back stretches


Mid-back stretches


Daily sitting stretches

About Simon

With over 25 years experience as an Osteopath in central London, I think I’ve seen pretty much every structural problem. People often come in, in lots of pain, thinking that their world is about to end and things will never be right! The majority of problems are straightforward when viewed with an experienced eye. In fact if I can’t get you significantly better in three treatments I won’t charge you!

If you have health insurance then your treatment with me for new issues is very likely to be covered. Check with your provider first to get authorisation and you may also need a referral from your GP.

Osteopaths are clinically trained professionals, and I have taught and been head of clinic at a central London Osteopathic college and worked with professional sports teams, both British and American. I have treated everyone from celebrities to bricklayers, athletes to couch potatoes, exotic dancers to high court judges, the very young and the fabulously old.


The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the British Medical Association (BMA) both recommend osteopaths for the treatment of Back Pain and Arthritis. I also treat a range of problems including knee pain, neck pain, RSI, Ankle pain, arm and hand pain and Migraine and Headaches.

Osteopathy is what I am best known for and what I do best, which is lucky because I love being an Osteopath. It’s great being able to get people better when often others can’t. I feel pretty fortunate to spend most of my working day relating to people and helping them function at their optimum.



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Tues 8.30am–1pm
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  • Simon Freedman is a master osteopath who combines human sympathy with professional skills of the highest order.
    — Sir Michael Pike, KCVO, CMG, Former British Ambassador
  • As an osteopath, Simon is second to none, and his whole approach to health is amazing.
    — Susannah Constantine, Fashion and Lifestyle Guru
  • I’ve seen Simon on and off for the last 10 years and he’s always sorted my back problems out better than anyone else I have tried.
    — Stephen Woodford, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DDB UK
  • From my first appointment I have felt confident that I'm in the right hands and, two months after the accident, everything is on the mend. I can even recommend the conversation.
    — Andrew Tuck, Editor, Monocle Magazine

Osteopathy at Work

There is a direct link between employers’ profitability and investing in health and wellbeing of employees. Firms that work actively to improve staff wellbeing and enforce workplace health policies gain the benefit of higher employee engagement, reduced absenteeism and attrition rates.

Early referral by managers can instigate early and appropriate treatment and ensure optimal recovery in the shortest possible timeframe and prevent a simple problem becoming a chronic one.

Ergonomic Assessments

With my osteopathic knowledge and experience and an extensive knowledge of workplace ergonomics, I assess workstations, working positions and postures. Advice and adaptation helps employees with niggling musculo-skeletal problems and improve their productivity.

As well as workplace assessments I can also provide ‘Fitback at Work’ sessions which give straight-forward and effective advice and exercises that help to strengthen, condition and maintain peoples bodies.

If you have work place health insurance in place the cost of treatment can be provided for under your policy.

Bike fit

With more and more cyclists coming into consult with me, I continue to develop and expand my knowledge of cycling, bike fit and cycling-related injuries.

Correct bike fit is absolutely essential to any cyclist. The basics of fitting your bike to you properly are fairly straightforward to apply, although I will often recommend an additional, more involved session (2 hours or more) provided by a specialist company.

The great benefit of advice from my osteopathic perspective is that I have a far greater knowledge of your body than most bike fitters. Pains and injuries that you have in specific areas of your body tell me a lot about were the problem in your bike set up might be and how it might be adapted and improved. Specific stretches and exercises can also be of great benefit.



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2 Neal's Yard
Covent Garden