Home core workout


A lot of my patients complain that they just don't get time to get to the gym or do regular classes, so I'm trying to make it easier for you.

I've been working with personal trainer Arthur Harding and we have put together what I think is a great set of exercises that you can do in 15 minutes at home without the need for any equipment.  

You can download the one-sheeter here.  Why not give it a go?  It's suitable for beginners through to fairly advanced.

Strengthening your core muscles is the best way to keep your back out of trouble and has far-reaching benefits to your general health.

I now try to give everyone I treat a few personalised exercises that can be done at home. If you want something more specifically for you do come in and see me.

I'm keeping my fees at £70 (45mins) for the summer (£55 for 30 mins and £95 for 60mins). So come in with your tennis elbows, etc. To book call 020 7379 5531.

Best wishes and enjoy the sunshine, Simon