Exercises and Stretches for Cyclists



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I hope all is well with you.  It’s nice to have longer days and lighter mornings and, despite the cold, it feels like spring is on the way.

This month’s newsletter will interest the cyclists amongst you, although the leg exercise and stretching sheets are good for everyone. As more and more of my patients are turning to cycling for their exercise and commute, in recent months, I’ve been adding to my knowledge of cycling, cycling injuries and bike fitting.   I’ve recently formed a relationship with the lovely people at Cyclefit in Macklin Street, Covent Garden.

“A proper bike fit is the most important factor for optimal performance, efficiency and comfort on the bike.  As well as this it is essential for injury prevention. “

These guys are the world leaders in bike fitting.  Their 2-3 hour-long bike-fit usually costs £250 and the testimonials from clients show that it’s worth it.  However as a special deal for my patients they will provide the service for £175 on an ongoing basis but to start off our relationship you can get fitted until the end of March for just £150.  The only condition being that I have to come with!

Check out what the fitting involves at http://cyclefit.co.uk/bike-fitting  I highly recommend it to anyone that who cycles more than 20 miles a week.

The exercise/stretching sheets below are an adaptation of the sheets I gave you at the end of last year.  Download the stretches here and the exercises here.

Please drop me a line asap if you’re interested in the cycle fit.

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P.S. I’ll be taking a week off soon to undertake the British Medical Acupuncture Society Foundation Course - I’ve had a course of treatment with osteopathy and acupuncture and think it’s a great adjunct to treatment. More about that next time…



Rabbit's Workout for Cyclists





Rabbit's got some great stretches and exercises to strengthen, tone and condition thigh and leg muscles.

Download the stretches here.

Download the exercises here.