Upper Back Stretches and Exercises


Hey There,

I hope all is well with you and you’re getting into the Autumn.  It’s by far my favorite season as I think it’s the one we do best!

I’ve put together what I think are some great stretches and exercises to condition and strengthen your upper back. They are specifically for helping those of you who get tight across the shoulders and I’ve designed them so that they compliment the core strength work out I sent out a few months ago.  It’s all part of my quest to get all my patients functioning at their optimum.

Check them out and download them here.  The stretches are here and exercises here. They’re very straightforward, should only take 10-15 minutes to do and if you can give them a go just the once you might get into them.  Go on give them a go…

Building up my practice at Neal’s Yard again is going well.  I’m increasing my hours yet again to cope with demand, however if you can’t find an appointment that suits you then drop me an email and I’ll book out some more time to fit you in.

As I'd like to fill in the extra appointments I'm adding asap, I’m going to give anyone who recommends anyone who comes in to see me 50% off your next treatment.

Have a great Autumn and do give the exercises and stretches a go.

Best regards,